ESO LIVE: JULY 20 @ 11PM BST – Update 19 Changes

Μην ξεχνάτε το επίσημο Live της Bethesda για το νεo Update στης 1πμ 21-7-2018 για την Ελλάδα
(11μμ 20-7-2018 για την Αγγλική Επίσημη ώρα οπού έδωσε η Bethesda )


θα έχει Drops-δωράκια σε τυχερούς που θα το βλέπουν από το Twitch!!!

Werewolves and humans alike will want to tune in to ESO Live this Friday as we chat with the ESO development team about the changes coming with Update 19.

Check out ESO Live this Friday as we invite Lead Gameplay Designer Rob Garrett and Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel on the show to talk about some of the exciting changes coming with the free Update 19 base-game patch. During the show, they’ll discuss the new Respec system, the Werewolf Skill Line updates, Itemization for the Wolfhunter DLC game pack’s two new dungeons, and more. Throughout the show, the team will talk about the latest ESO news, sink their teeth into live community questions, and hold a few giveaways. We’ll also have Twitch Drops turned on, so don’t forget to link your PC or Mac ESO accounts!

This upcoming show airs on Friday, July 20 at 11PM BST on the Bethesda Twitch and Mixer channels. Don’t miss out! and on Nikellas Twitch


Source: TESO

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