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Our Guild is a PvE and PvP we accept ONLY Greeks!!! For joing on our Guild all you need is to contact with the GuildMaster or with a Guild Member, also you can contact us with our TeamSpeak or Social Media. Expect from our Guild on ESO PC/MAC EU Server, Greek Elder Scrolls is a Greek Community for The Elder Scrolls Games/Books and also is a YouTube Show on Nikellas YouTube Channel.

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Greek Elder Scrolls is fan made Community for The Elder Scrolls. The Greek Elder Scrolls has no relation with Zenimax Media and other Companies.
Greek Elder Scrolls Founded on 14/1/2016 and is was only Greek Forum and on 17/8/2016 We Remove the forum and we add for temparary the «ts-website» for blog and on 14/10/2016 we add WorldPress for Blog, and on 23/12/2017 we are hosted on Nikellas Blog


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About GRES The Show

GRES The Show is a Videos on Youtube about The Elder Scrolls Lore(from games and real life books :)) in Greek

GRES The Show Powered by Nikellas

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Greek Elder Scrolls Founded by Nikellas & Corinthians Clan,                         Greek Elder Scrolls is proud member of


1994 – The Elder Scrolls: Arena
1996 – The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
1997 – An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire
1998 – The Elder Scrolls Adventures:
2002 – The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
2002 – The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold
2004 – The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar
2004 – The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey
2006 – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
2007 – The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion
2011 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2014 – The Elder Scrolls Online
2016 – The Elder Scrolls: Legends
2016 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition                                          ???? – The Elder Scrolls VI:???????



Σχετικά με τα Elder Scrolls Games


  • The Elder Scrolls Arena 1994

Ο μύθος αρχίζει

The Elder Scrolls: Arena is an epic fantasy open world action role-playing video game developed and published by Bethesda Softworks and released in 1994 for MS-DOS. It is the first game in The Elder Scrolls series. In 2004, a downloadable version of the game was made available free of charge as part of the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls series.

Like its sequels, Arena takes place on the continent of Tamriel, complete with wilderness, dungeons, and a spell creation system that allows players to mix various spell effects.

At the beginning of the game in the 389th year of the third era, Emperor Uriel Septim VII summons his advisor and Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn over concerns of betrayal from within the court. It transpires that his concerns were justified as Tharn is revealed to be the traitor and then proceeds to trap the Emperor in another dimension and take his place as emperor in magical disguise. During his usurpation of the throne, Tharn is witnessed by Septim’s apprentice Ria Silmane who attempts to warn the Elder Council. Unable to corrupt her he opts to murder her instead. Tharn then summons demon minions to replace the Emperor’s Guard and sends their leader Talin Warhaft (the player character) to his death in the Imperial Dungeons.

Ria takes an incorporeal form and is able to hold herself together long enough to inform Talin of what has happened and to instruct the player how to escape from slow death in the dungeons – this first dungeon is infamously difficult to survive. Past that point, she lacks the power to manifest physically and appears to the player during dreams. She creates a key to allow Talin to escape and teleports him to a different province through a Shift Gate.

The player is informed that the only way to stop Tharn is to get hold of the Staff of Chaos which holds his lifeforce. This staff has been split by Tharn into many fragments. Each time one is found, Ria appears to the player the next time they rest, in order to provide the general location of the next fragment. At the end of the quest in 3E 399 (a decade after the start of the game), Talin finds the final piece and reassembles the staff. This does not, however, destroy Tharn, as there is a final piece of the staff that both Ria and Talin were unaware of: the jewel, located in the Imperial Palace. The player battles through the palace to fight finally with Tharn, who he proceeds to melt by bringing the staff into contact with the jewel. This also creates a portal to the other dimension, rescuing the Emperor and his general. They both thank the player and makes the player the Eternal Champion as reward.



  • The Elder Scrolls II:Daggerfall 1996
Το Elder Scrolls II: Το Daggerfall είναι ένα φανταστικό ανοιχτό παγκόσμιο παιχνίδι δράσης που αναπτύχθηκε και δημοσιεύθηκε από την Bethesda Softworks και κυκλοφόρησε το 1996 για το MS-DOS. Είναι συνέχεια των The Elder Scrolls: Arena και η δεύτερη δόση στη σειρά The Elder Scrolls. Στις 9 Ιουλίου 2009, η Bethesda έκανε το Daggerfall διαθέσιμο ως δωρεάν, νομίμως μεταφορτωμένο στον ιστότοπό του, για την 15η επέτειο του franchise The Elder Scrolls.

Το αρχαίο golem Numidium, ένα ισχυρό όπλο που χρησιμοποιήθηκε κάποτε από τον μεγάλο Τίβερη Σεπτίμ για την ενοποίηση του Tamriel, βρέθηκε στον κόλπο Iliac. Στον αγώνα εξουσίας που ακολουθεί, ο βασιλιάς του Daggerfall δολοφονήθηκε και το πνεύμα του στοιχειώνει το βασίλειο. Ο αυτοκράτορας Ουρίελ Σεπτίμ VII στέλνει τον πρωταθλητή του στην επαρχία του Υψηλού Ροκ για να θέσει το πνεύμα του βασιλιά να ξεκουραστεί και να εξασφαλίσει ότι ο γκολ δεν θα πέσει σε λάθος χέρια.


  • An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire 1997

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire είναι ένα παιχνίδι action role-playing που αναπτύχθηκε και δημοσιεύτηκε από την Bethesda Softworks, και βρίσκεται στον κόσμο του The Elder Scrolls.

In Battlespire (named so after the training facility for battlemages), the player takes the role of an apprentice who, on the day of his final test, discovers that an army of Daedra led by Mehrunes Dagon has invaded and killed nearly everyone. On top of that, his partner is being held captive by Mehrunes Dagon himself. Over the course of seven levels, the player must travel through various realms of Oblivion to reach Mehrunes Dagon, defeat him and escape back to Tamriel.
Μετά την κυκλοφορία του Daggerfall, ξεκίνησαν εργασίες σε τρία ξεχωριστά έργα: Battlespire, Redguard και Morrowind. Το Battlespire, αρχικά με τίτλο Dungeon of Daggerfall: Battlespire, ήταν το πρώτο από τα τρία που απελευθερώθηκαν, στις 30 Νοεμβρίου 1997.

Following the release of Daggerfall, work began on three separate projects all at once: Battlespire, Redguard, and Morrowind. Battlespire, originally titled Dungeon of Daggerfall: Battlespire, was the first of the three to be released,[1] on November 30, 1997.[2]

Originally designed as an expansion pack for Daggerfall, Battlespire focused on what Bethesda has since called “the best part of Daggerfall“: Dungeon crawling. Battlespire would be smaller in scope than previous titles and would feature “intense level design“. It was also to offer multiplayer gaming,—player versus player deathmatch, as it were—the only series title to do so. Later in development, Morrowind was put on hold, and its staff transferred over to Battlespire and Redguard. Battlespire was repackaged as a stand-alone game, and sold as An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire.[1]


  • The Elder Scrolls Online 2014

    To The Elder Scrolls Online είναι ένα massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) βίντεο παιχνίδι το οποίο αναπτύχθηκε από την ZeniMax Online Studios και δημοσιεύθηκε από την Bethesda Softworks. Το όποιο αρχικά κυκλοφόρησε για microsoft Windows και macOS X τον Απρίλιο του 2014. Είναι μέρος της σειράς The Elder Scrolls, της οποίας είναι το πρώτο franchise πού είναι multiplayer.

    Όπως και με άλλα MMORPG παιχνίδια στο franchise The Elder Scrolls, το παιχνίδι βρίσκεται στην ήπειρο της Tamriel και διαθέτει μια ιστορία που συνδέεται έμμεσα με τα άλλα παιχνίδια της σειράς. To The Elder Scrolls Online υπήρξε υπό ανάπτυξη για επτά χρόνια πριν την κυκλοφορία του το 2014. Αρχικά έλαβε μεικτά σχόλια αλλά αυτά βελτιώθηκαν σημαντικά με την επανακυκλοφορία και επανα-επωνυμία ως The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, με κριτές να επικροτούν τις αλλαγές γιατί το Game διορθώθηκε!! και μετα ξανα  ξανά έκανε επανα-επωνυμία The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind και πλέων όποτε κυκλοφορεί ένα μεγάλο DLC(DLC-Chapter)  αλλάζει επωνυμία οπός The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset απο  The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

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